Who Benefits from Nizoral®?

Particularly strong hormonal changes or fluctuations, for example, during puberty or menopause can cause dandruff. During this time, we often struggle with other things. So, we definitely do not want to deal with more issues. However, we have to face dandruff when it happens.


Puberty is exhausting enough!

"First acne, now also dandruff!" A complaint that is often heard from adolescents during puberty. The reasons behind this are hormonal changes that affect the body at this time. These changes do not just lead to pimples, stress with parents or first love.

Increased sebum production at times of hormonal fluctuations not only leads to unpopular pimples and blackheads in the face, but also affects the scalp. Because the yeast-like fungus Malassezia furfur, which is naturally found on our scalp, grows particularly well when there is a lot of fat. In Addition, excessive growth of the fungus can trigger an immune reaction that strengthens the production of skin cells and therefore the development of dead skin cells, the skin wants to get rid of. When the fat from sebaceous glands connects to dead skin cells of the epidermis, it produces yellow and adherent scales. Even more, skin diseases can also be caused by excessive growth of Malassezia furfur.

Cosmetic anti-dandruff shampoos do not tackle the problem at the root. Nizoral®, on the other hand, combats the cause directly: It kills the yeast-like fungus. The active substance Ketoconazole 2% changes the cell membrane of the fungus and halts its growth. Nizoral® is gentle on the hair, while reducing irritating redness on the scalp and unpleasant itching. In addition, you can use Nizoral® in combination with your favorite shampoo. It continues to work in between your hair washes and prevents new dandruff.

Say goodbye to dandruff!

Problems with the scalp? Nizoral® can also help with age-related dandruff

Menopause is a time of change for women, affecting hormone balance and changes throughout the entire body, which can be unpleasant at times. However, new interests may arise: the children have moved out, lifestyle changes, and some women discover new hobbies.

It is more than annoying, when hormonal changes also lead to dandruff. The skin of women gets drier, when the hormone estrogen is declining during menopause. This change is not just limited to the face and body. It also affects the scalp. A result may be more dry scales.

A medical dandruff treatment that can help is Nizoral®. Its mission is not purely cosmetic. Nizoral® effectively combats the cause of dandruff. Thus, it prevents the occurrence of dandruff. In addition, Nizoral® reduces concomitant symptoms of dandruff. Among others, these include dry, greasy, blotchy, erythematous, or itchy scalp. In addition, Nizoral® strengthens and protects the hair.

Myth or truth: Does dandruff cause loss of hair?

Increased dandruff is always a sign that there is something wrong with the scalp. It does not matter if you have extremely dry scalp or very greasy skin and it is irrelevant whether the dandruff formation is caused by a significantly higher colonization with yeast-like fungi  or by other diseases; the scalp always suffers. It often reacts with itching. Scratching the skin damages it further.

It is like in nature: Extreme dryness, substantial continuous rain or heavy soil erosion interfere with plant growth. When our scalp is irritated, our hair does not grow well and loses its healthy appearance. It gets more sensitive, looser and significantly less resilient. Damage to the hair leads to further dying of hair, thus increasing the rate of hair loss faster. If you experience hair loss you may consult your physician, in particular with dandruff.

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