Which environmental factors promote dandruff and how can they be avoided

Environmental protection is a good thing. If the environment is well, we are fine, too. Unfortunately, there is a downside: In the case of dandruff, which is most commonly caused by a yeast-like fungus called Malassezia furfur, the environment can also be a health risk. Some external environmental factors can contribute to the cause by influencing the production of sebum and promoting excessive growth of the fungus.

What are these external influences?

  • Air pollution

  • Extreme weather conditions

  • Low humidity in the air

  • Wearing a hat or scarf around your head

  • Using certain hair care products and styling products

Some of these external influences are in our own control. For example, we can decide which hair care products we use. However, we cannot control other environmental influences. An individual person can do little about the weather. We can only protect ourselves.

Avoid irritating the scalp

External factors influence and promote dandruff - each in its own way.

Air pollution

Air pollution can promote dandruff. People in big cities certainly know that. The air is full of exhaust fumes, which does not only make breathing difficult. It is not good for the skin either. The skin gets less Vitamin E. Vitamin E protects the skin. Air pollution can also irritate the scalp. Possible consequence: Itching and inflammation of the scalp and dandruff. However, we are not only exposed to air pollution outside. Scientists have found harmful gases, such as formaldehyde, in many indoor areas. For example, scientific studies reveal that the level of formaldehyde in the air may rise, if there is a lot of smoking. The active ingredient Ketoconazole 2% in Nizoral® reduces annoying redness and relieves itching of the scalp.

Extreme weather conditions

Excessive heat in summer makes everyone suffer - especially the scalp due to lots of sweating. It facilitates the yeast that causes dandruff to grow uncontrollably.

Dry air

Very dry indoor air is not good for our skin. This becomes especially noticeable in strongly heated rooms in winter. Our skin dries out. We sweat. Our scalp produces more sebum, which forms the ideal breeding ground for the yeast fungus that causes dandruff.

Hat or scarf around the head

In winter we like to stay cozy and warm. Before we go outside, we first get dressed – layer after layer. Of course, hat and scarf should not be missing. However, such an outfit has a downside: While it prevents us from freezing, the temperature on the scalp rises. The resulting sweat creates the perfect breeding ground for Malassezia furfur, the yeast-like fungus that causes dandruff.

Nizoral® combats excessive growth of the fungus. This way it minimizes the formation of dandruff.


Use of certain hair care and styling products

Everyone wants to have beautiful hair. We use mousse, hairspray or gel. It makes us feel good to be pretty. Sometimes we overdo it and use hair products too often, too much of it, or the wrong type. Especially a sensitive scalp reacts immediately. It gets irritated, possibly leading to dandruff.

Nizoral® has a completely different effect. It contains the active ingredient Ketoconazole 2%. Nizoral® is especially gentle on the hair. Besides preventing dandruff, it is also effective against itching and redness.