Nizoral Care Scalp Tonic

Nizoral Care Scalp Tonic improves the feeling of your scalp using a complex of natural ingredients derived from magnolia and cactus plant extract to soothe an itchy, stressed scalp.

  • Noticeable relief from itching and tightness of the scalp along with a calming, cooling effect

  • Moisturises and soothes the scalp and relieves the feeling of tension

  • Light, non-greasy formulation suitable for everyday use

  • Antibacterial properties to support the natural balance of the scalp

How to use:

The innovative applicator allows easy and precise application on the scalp. Apply twice a day or several times per day when needed directly onto dry or wet scalp and massage gently. Do not rinse. Can be used before blow-drying. Nizoral® Care Scalp Tonic can be used in combination with other hair care or styling products and is suitable for all hair types.

What makes Nizoral® Care Cosmetic Scalp Tonic special?

The cosmetic tonic from scalp care expert Nizoral® Care contains an innovative complex of natural ingredients to improve the scalp feeling and to noticeably relieve from sensations of itching and dryness.

The light, non-greasy texture of this leave-in tonic is suitable for everyday use.

Cactus extract

The cactus plant is an expert in self-protection and can survive even in extreme environments. Nizoral® Care Cosmetic Scalp Tonic uses an extract from cactus plant to support the natural defense barriers of the scalp. The anti-itching and soothing properties support the care of your stressed scalp, restoring it to its natural balance.

Magnolia extract

The extracts of this beautiful plant supports your scalp care with its special soothing and hydrating properties.


This ingredient is well known for its antibacterial properties bringing back balance to your stressed skin scalp and can help also in cases where more intense care is needed, e.g. dandruff.

Nizoral Care Scalp Tonic – Protection & Care against an itchy, stressed scalp

Ever had an itchy scalp that no matter what you do the itch just won´t go away? Don´t reach for the cactus! Nizoral Care Scalp Tonic offers a natural solution to help soothe your itchy, stressed scalp.